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Arby's 30685 Lincoln Rd Lindstrom MN 651-257-1500
China Panda 30517Broadway St Lindstrom MN 651-257-1888
Dairy Queen 13105 Lake Blvd Lindstrom MN 651-257-2536
Dinnerbel Dining & Bar 12565 Lake Blvd Lindstrom MN 651-257-9524
Dominos Pizza 12925 Lake Blvd Lindstrom MN 651-257-2002
Lindstrom Bakery 12830 Lake Blvd Lindstrom MN 651-257-1374
Linwood Pizza Man 13145 St Croix Ave Lindstrom MN 651-257-3022
Lindstrom Market & Deli 30703 Lincoln Rd Lindstrom MN 651-257-5113
Northwoods Roasterie 12710 Lake Blvd Lindstrom MN 651-257-5240
Swedish Inn Restaurant 12678 Lake Blvd Lindstrom MN 651-257-4072
The Gallery Bar/Grill 12957 292th St Lindstrom MN 651-257-6024
Tortilla's Mexican Food 13229 St Croix Ave Lindstrom MN 651-257-8770
. . . .
Al's Saloon/Grill 325 Summit Ave Center City MN 651-257-5757
Eichten's Bistro 16809 310th St Center City MN 651-257-1566
Porter House Bar/Grill 345 Summit Ave Center City MN 651-257-1111
Swedish Village Restaurant 280 Andrews Ave Center City MN 651-257-6665
. . . .
Brink's Market & Deli 11460 Brink Ave Chisago City MN 651-257-1700
Coffee Depot 11484 Brink Ave Chisago City MN 651-257-3508
D's Bakery 29315 Main St Chisago City MN 651-257-6517
Meredee's Bistro 11347 North Ave Chisago City MN 651-257-9144
Roadhouse Bar/Grill 10805 Lake Blvd Chisago City MN 651-257-6633
Scooters Bar/Grill 29350 Old Towne Rd Chisago City MN 651-257-2955
Smitty's Bar/Grill 10695 Railroad Ave Chisago City MN 651-257-9014
Subway 11497 Brink Ave Chisago City MN 651-257-4131
Taphouse Griller 11506 Brink Ave Chisago City MN 651-257-6200
Trappers Restaurant Hwy 8 Chisago City MN 651-257-2512
Wagon Wheel Cafe 29331 Main St Chisago City MN 651-257-4043
. . . .
Crossroads Tavern 17530 Lake Blvd Shafer MN 651-257-5887
Shafer Saloon/Grill 30220 Redwing Ave Shafer MN 651-2571615

America's Best Value Inn 11490 Lake Lane Chisago City MN 651-257-8086
Country Bed & Breakfast 17038 320th St Shafer MN 651-257-4773
Go Boat Motel 516 Grand AVe Center City MN 612-465-0869
Hillcrest Camping 32715 N Lakes Trail Lindstrom MN 651-257-6483
Lakeview Motel 12520 Lake Blvd Lindstrom 651-257-4773
Ojiketa Park 27500 Kirby Ave Chisago City MN 651-275-4162
Summit Inn B&B 208 Summit Ave Center City MN 651-257-4987
Rose Hill Resort 30455 Lehigh Ave Lindstrom MN 651-257-4040
Valkommen Inn 12715 Lake Blvd Lindstrom MN 651-257-4888

-Wine Haven, Chisago City, 651-257-1017

Pottery - www.minnesotapotters.com

Hiking/Biking -
Chisago County Trails
Swedish Immigrant Trail 

Golf - Chisago Lakes Golf Course, 651-257-1484, www.golflink.com

Boating, Canoe Trips - www.dnr.state.mn.us

Bass Fishing - www.fishingminnesota.com
Fishing Guide Service - Titali
Ice Fishing - Hillcrest Fish House Rentals, 651-257-6483, jigstick@vmail.com

Chisago County MN Lakes - www.minnesotalakes.net/chisago_county_lakes.html

Wild Mountain Recreation, Taylors Falls, 651-465-0506

Camping - Interstate State Park, www.dnr.state.mn.us
Wild River State Park, www.exploreminnesota.com

Swedish Immigrant Trail, www.ccbiketrail.org

Horseback Riding, www.dnr.state.mn.us/horseback_riding/index.html

Skiing - Wild Mountain, Water Park & Alpine Slides, Taylors Falls, www.wildmountain.com
Trollhaugen Ski Lodge, www.trollhaugen.com

Swedish Coffee Pot Water Tower, Lindstrom, 1908 Water Tower converted to Coffee Pot
Ki Chi Saga Park, Karl Oskar House, Lindstrom, 651-213-8960
Letter Boxing-Geo Caching, www.letterboxing.com
Franconia Sculpture Park, 651-465-3701
Chisago County Historical Society, Lindstrom, 651-257-5310, www.chisagocountyhistory.org
Gammelgarden Museum, Scandia, 651-433-5053
Panola Valley Gardens, Lindstrom, www.panolavalleygardens.com
Interstate State Park, Taylors Falls, www.dnr.state.mn.us
Glader Cemetery, Lindstrom, Oldest Swedish Pioneer Cemetery in Minnesota
Swedish Self-Guided Tour, www.swedishcircletours.com

- MN Dept of Agriculture - area sites to see & visit - Vineyards, Farms, Pumpkin Patches, more...!  www3.mda.state.mn.us/mngrown/searchresults.aspx?location=55045

Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, 651-257-1177, www.chisagolakeschamber.com
Celebration of the Lakes, in January, 651-257-1177
Home Show, in March, 651-257-1177
Center City Days, in June, 651-257-5284
Chisago County Relay for Life, in July, Almelund, 651-674-5686
Karl Oskar Days, in July, 651-257-0620
Chisago Lakes Triathlon, in July, Chisago Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, 651-257-1177
Ki Chi Saga Days, in August, 651-257-1264
Almelund Threshing Party, in August, 651-257-1264, www.almelundthreshingco.org
Golf Tournaments -
  Community Golf Tournament
  Rotary Golf Tournament
  Parmely Golf Tournament
  Chamber Golf Tournament
  call 651-257-1177 for dates


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