Cemetery Plots & Columbarium Information & Pricing

Plot & Columbarium Niche Pricing

Columbarium Niche 


The niche, bronze plaque, & niche opening and closing are included. 

Holds up to two cremains, if container sizes allow.



Traditional Plot


4.5’ wide x 10’ long; one traditional burial and up to four cremains above, or up to four cremains.  Grave opening fees are not included.



Cremation Plot


 4.5’ wide x 5’ long; up to two cremains.  Grave opening fees are not included.



The city maintains the cemetery property (excluding monuments) and columbarium year round.  Plots and Columbarium niches are available to residents and non-residents.  For cemetery maps click HERE.

Original Section and First Addition

The Original Section is on the north end of the cemetery, and dates back to the late 1800’s.  South Center Lake is along the east end.  The Original Section is the only part of the cemetery that allows monuments that protrude above the ground.  Both traditional and cremation burial options are allowed in this section of the cemetery.

The First Addition was later added, and borders the southern edge of the Original Section.  Only flat monuments are allowed in this section.  The First Addition also allows for both traditional and cremation burials. 

Fairview Cemetery- Original Section Cemetery Flagpole

Third Addition

The Third Addition (formerly known as the Second Addition) is the newest section of the cemetery.  It is located on both the east and west sides of the central cemetery road, south of the First Addition.  This section allows for both traditional and cremation burials.  Only flat monuments are allowed in the Third Addtion. 

Cemetery- 3rd Addition, West Side Cemetery- 3rd Addition, East Side

Fairview Columbarium

The Fairview Cemetery Columbarium is a stately granite monument dedicated to the safekeeping of cremated remains.  Located at the south end of the cemetery, 40 niches face east and 40 niches face west.  Each niche measures 11.5” tall and wide at the opening, narrows to 10.5” wide at the back, and is 11.5” deep (see the Niche Diagram PDF at the bottom of this page). 

Up to two cremains are allowed in each niche.  A bronze marker plaque is included with the niche purchase.  

Columbarium- East Facing Side Columbarium- West Facing Side

Cemetery Guidelines

  • All flowers & plants must be contained in plant holders, elevated at least 18” from the ground.  No other items are allowed.
  • Wreaths are permitted from November through April, and must be mounted on plant stands.
  • Flowers may be placed on gravesites one week prior to Memorial Day and must be removed by June 15th.
  • The first 5 working days in May are designated for cemetery cleanup.
  • Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Pets are not allowed on cemetery grounds.
  • Cemetery grounds are closed from 10:00pm to sunrise.