City Code Updates

IMPORTANT:  The City Code updates that were approved in 2022 are NOT YET REFLECTED on our official City Code publication via American Legal.  Please refer to the updates at the bottom of this page.  For sections not referenced at the bottom of this page, continue to our City Code publication via American Legal by clicking HERE.

The City of Lindstrom underwent a process in 2021, and was approved 1/20/2022, to update the Land Usage Title of the City Code in order to implement the City’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan, reflect current development trends, and make the code easier to implement.  The City’s last major code update occurred more than 30 years ago in 1987. The Land Usage Title includes the City’s Zoning Code, Subdivision Code, and Zoning Map.

The Zoning Code is the set of rules that identifies how individual properties within the City can be used. It also sets standards for how buildings may be developed or changed. The Zoning Code is structured by dividing the City into districts and then identifying what can occur in each district. The Zoning Code also includes standards that apply to all districts, such as parking, landscaping, screening, signage, etc. The Zoning Map shows where the City’s zoning districts are located. Chisago County has an interactive map where an individual property’s existing zoning can be identified.

The City’s Subdivision Regulations shape how properties can be subdivided into smaller parcels for development or sale. The regulations include standards pertaining to lots, streets, infrastructure such as water and sewer, and public areas. 

The Planning Commission considered the proposed changes to multiple chapters of the City Code and the Zoning Map at their October 7, 2021 meeting, and recommended approval with a few changes.  To review the meeting video, Agenda and Minutes from this meeting, which includes the Zoning Code Rewrite Update Public Hearing, click HERE.  The City Council considered and approved the proposed Zoning Code Revisions, with the condition of a maximum total square footage allowed for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) at the January 20, 2022 City Council Meeting.  The minutes will not be available until after the 2/17/2022 City Council meeting.  The agenda and meeting video is available for your review HERE.

Click on one of the following links to see drafts of the approved amendments to the Land Usage Title of the City Code or the Zoning Map.  The below documents do not yet reflect the maximum square footage requirement for ADU's.  

20220421-01 Ordinance Amending Minimum Lot Width For Single Unit Sewered Riparian Lots On General Development Lakes

Approved Zoning Map

Highlights for Proposed (Approved 1/20/22) Code Changes- R1 to R2

Code Revisions Following Oct. 2021 Planning Commission Meeting

Lindstrom Code Graphics

Chapter 151 Zoning
Chapter 152 Subdivision
Chapter 153 Building Regulations; Construction
Chapter 154 Definitions