Allemansrätt Park

A Wilderness & Swedish Heritage Park

"Allemansrätt – A Wilderness and Swedish Heritage Park.” 

The term ‘Allemansrätt’ is a Swedish philosophy of the right of public access, and includes an implicit responsibility to protect and conserve.  Literally, ‘allemansrätt’ means “every man’s right” and is written into the Swedish Constitution.  It gives everyone in Sweden access to certain public or privately owned land, lakes, and rivers to walk, cycle, ski, camp (for one or two nights), to pick wildflowers, mushrooms and berries. 

Allemansrätt Park, Lindström’s Wilderness and Swedish Heritage Park is 125-acres.  The park includes a 14-acre secluded lake, eskers, ephemeral wetlands, a 5-acre island, a 33-acre peninsula and an 1853 homestead.  The park remains virtually undeveloped but provides trails, benches, restrooms, parking lots and two campsites.  Visit our 1890’s historical house kiosk and read the astonishing history of this land.  

In the spirit of Swedish Allemansrätt, we welcome you to walk, ski, snowshoe, run, canoe/kayak or camp (in designated spots).  You might also find berries, asparagus and mushrooms to harvest in season.  Allemansrätt has several miles of trails and includes the City of Lindström's "Lake Pavilion" located on the private Bull Lake. Allemansrätt is a "Carry in, Carry out" Park.

Kicksledding on Bull Lake in Allemansratt Park

The park includes over 10,000 feet of shoreline on three lakes - North Lindström Lake channel, North Center Lake (DNR Protected Water 34P) and Bull Lake (DNR Protected Wetland 154W), including the "peninsula" property that was acquired in 2014. The Park showcases unique ecological features such as glacial eskers and ephemeral wetlands, a high quality oak forest, over 100 species of birds, and diverse wildlife.  The Chisago Lakes Water Trail follows the shoreline of the park's Anderson Peninsula.  You can then portage to the park's secluded Bull Lake, or follow the north channel to access Bull Lake.  Click here or the map below for the Chisago Lakes Water Trail map.

Allemansratt Anderson Peninsula & CL Water Trail Signs  Chisago Lakes Water Trail- Allemansratt Park

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Allemansratt Park Map

Bull Lake

Allemansrätt Volunteer & Donation Information

Would you like to make a contribution to Allemansrätt Park, or volunteer for a day or two (or three)?  You can also join the “Friends of Allemansrätt” volunteer group!  Your donation and volunteer efforts help preserve and protect this valuable wilderness experience- making it available and accessible to all people, as well as conserving it for future generations.  Click the “Friends of Allemansrätt” brochure (below) for more information. 

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