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... America's Little Sweden

Incorporated in 1894, Lindstrom was first settled by Daniel Lindstrom who left Sweden for America in 1853.  Among the Swedish Emigrants was Erik Norelius, whose personal journals (documented in part) formed the basis of Vilhelm Moberg’s novels of the Swedish Emigration to America.  Moberg’s fictional heroes, Karl-Oskar and Kristina Nilsson, are memorialized in statue at the west end of town as a tribute to the early Swedish immigrants whose descendents continue to populate our area. 

Karl-Oskar & Kristina Nilsson




City of Lindstrom Honored as
Community Conservationists
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”Välkomnar vi vår systerstads svenska familj, vänner och besökare från Tingsryd till vår website och stad!"  ("We welcome our Sister City's Swedish Family, Friends, and Visitors from Tingsryd to our website and City!")   Lindstrom Residents may visit our Sister City Tingsryd in return at:   www.tingsryd.se/site/startsida/turism.aspx

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