Community Center

Community Center Rentals

The Community Center is located adjacent to the Lindstrom City Hall and is available to rent for private parties (weddings, reunions, birthdays, etc.). The Community Center will seat up to 300 people. There have been times when it has accommodated more. Fire Code Capacity: 597 (Combined Use) per Building Inspector, March 2011. There are 42 tables (2 1/2 x 8 feet), 8 round tables (5 feet) and 335 chairs. Furniture is not to be removed from the building. The hall dimensions are 97' x 42'.

There are two coffee makers, one commercial size refrigerator, a freezer, a large stove and an oven in the kitchen. No dishes or utensils are available.

For Full Community Center Rental Policy and Agreement CLICK HERE, or contact the Lindstrom City Hall (651-257-0620) for more information.