Training Today: Adopt-A-Buckthorn Spot Program at Allemansrätt Park

There's still Adopt-A-Buckthorn spots available at Allemansrätt Park, and Shari Bachman is holding a training is today!  Contact her for details about the program, today's training, and future trainings: or 651-257-9380

The Friends of Allemansrätt volunteer group NEEDS YOUR HELP to remove this invasive threat from Allemansrätt Wilderness Park!  Individuals, families, businesses, teams, and organizations are encouraged to join in the effort. 

Sign up today!
  1. Reserve your buckthorn area with Shari Bachman (see numbered areas on map below)
  2. Attend buckthorn training 
  3. Clear your spot of buckthorn twice a year- once in the spring & once in the fall
  4. Enjoy a beautiful buckthorn-free park!
To sign up, or if you have questions about the program, contact Shari Bachman at: or 651-257-9380

2024 Adopt A Buckthorn Flyer- Friends of Allemansratt