Kaffe Kanna Park

coffee pot water tower
Kaffe Kanna Park is the home of Lindström's famous coffee pot water tower, which is located just to the north of the City's Municipal Bar in downtown Lindström.
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The coffee pot water tower used to be Lindström's functioning water tower.  In 1992, the City built a new 500,000 gallon water tower and planned to tear down the original water tower.  

Saving the Water Tower

Marlene Smith had the idea to convert the old water tower into the world’s largest “Swedish Coffee Pot.”  At that time, she was the owner of Lindström’s largest private employer, Plastic Products Company.  All renovation costs to convert the water tower were paid for by Marlene Smith.  The conversion was completed in 1993.  It has become an iconic symbol for the City of Lindström, as well as a must-see tourist destination.

Honoring Marlene

Marlene passed away in 2015, but her numerous contributions to the City of Lindström will live on for generations to come.  She was distinguished as one of the top 100 businesswomen in the country (Forbes 500), and was well-known as a generous philanthropist.  

In 2016, a statue of Marlene Smith was placed on the city's east plaza (near Holiday Gas Station), which was funded by a grant from ECRAC and Plastic Products Company.  Marlene's statue, along with several other statues of Lindström's historical figures, were created by local sculptor Ian Dudley.  To this day, Plastic Products Company continues to honor her memory by providing the funding necessary to maintain and repaint the coffee pot water tower.

Steam In The Coffee Pot Water Tower

Did you know that the coffee pot water tower used to steam?  An initiative to revive the steam feature of the water tower is currently in the works.  Click HERE to read more.

Full History of Lindström's Coffee Pot Water Tower

There's a lot more to the story!  The image below is the sign located at Kaffe Kanna Park.  Click on it to read the history of the coffee pot water tower in a PDF.

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