Communications Plan

The newly created City of Lindström Communications Plan was presented at the January 2024 City Council meeting.  This document assists City Staff in creating and marketing effective City communications, and fulfills a goal for further improving City communications, as outlined in the City's Comprehensive Plan.  It also helps to clarify to the public what communications methods are used by the City, and what types of information is provided by the City.

Click HERE for the 2024 City of Lindstrom Communications Plan.

This new communications plan also includes the following:
  • Communications planning
  • Which City Staff is responsible for what content
  • Communications by quarter
  • Crisis communications and urgent alerts
  • and more
Our goal is to reach as many as possible in our target audience, which includes our residents, property owners, business owners and visitors.  City communications channels include:

Questions?  Contact Miranda Olson, Communications Coordinator, at or 651-257-0620