Report a Streetlight Outage or Issue

Downtown Streetlight Post

How To Report A Streetlight Outage

Nearly all of the street lights in Lindström are the responsibility of Xcel Energy, EXCEPT for the ornamental lights in downtown (shown in picture). 

To report an outage for the style shown in the picture, contact City Hall at (651) 257-0620 or 

Please report all other street light outages directly to Xcel Energy (click HERE).  When reporting a streetlight outage online, you can request to be notified by email when the repair has been completed.  You can also report a streetlight outage by calling Xcel Energy at 1-800-960-6235.  To help expedite the process, provide detailed and accurate information when making your report. 

If the streetlight repair cannot be finished on the first visit and further work is required, a tag will be attached to the light pole.  If you see a tag attached to a non-working streetlight there is no need to complete a streetlight outage report.  

Use the following link to report an outage online, or check the status of a report.

If your power is out or you have an electric emergency, do not use the previously listed number or online form.  Instead, call the Xcel Energy Electric Outage number 1-800-895-1999.

Xcel Energy Streetlight Conversion to LEDXcel Energy LED Streetlight Conversion Example

In early 2024, Xcel Energy began converting a number of the City's traditional style streetlights to LED.  Because Xcel Energy owns these lights, this change is at their discretion.  The below FAQ's information was provided by Xcel Energy.

Q. When will the work take place?
A. Eligible Xcel Energy-owned post-top Traditional streetlights will be replaced with new LED fixtures this spring.
Q. What is the wattage equivalent of the LED Traditional fixture being installed?
A. 30-40W LED
Q. What are the lumens and correlated color temperature (CCT) of the LED Traditional fixture being installed?
A. 3,000 Lumens and 3,000K
Q. Will there be an up-front charge?
A. No. There will be no up-front charge to customers with eligible Traditional style lights.
Q. Are the new lights as bright as the old lights?
A. Yes. The light output (lumens) of the new LEDs is equivalent to that of the old HPS lights.
Q: Why is there no glass in the fixture?

A: Sides are open by design to eliminate glare and is dark sky friendly.

To file a complaint regarding this project, contact:

Angela Adesoro
Xcel Energy Project Coordinator, Outdoor Lighting
Office: 612.216.8358